Akibat Pergaulan Bebas Film Dewasa

Akibat Pergaulan Bebas
Akibat Pergaulan Bebas Film Dewasa Storyline Denis, the film star who now is at the peak of his career. Rasty love with, a singer who also was at the height of his career. But Denis and Rasty always cover the relation of the pursuit of reporters. Unbeknownst Rasty, Denis also love with Tiara, a movie player that already has a husband. Jimmy, a friend of Dennis who is also a movie player, secretly liked Denis Tiara but first get it. Starting from the jealousy that Jimmy finally locked horns with Denis. Jimmy threatened to destroy the career Denis. Denis acquainted with Dini, one of his fans. Denis managed to seduce Dini until she conceived. Early demanding accountability but Denis Denis and threw it away. Early life becomes frustrating severe, almost suicidal. One time, Denis lost laptops where she kept a video nasty which was carried out with several women. Denis directly accuse Jimmy who intentionally spread the video. Quarrels and fights between Denis and Jimmy re-occur. Rasty, not less angry when he learned the video mesumnya lost. They were arguing. Then news reports emerged that the video nasty Denis with all women who had dirayunya. This news became very excited in the community. As a result of all that Denis and Rasty fled, hiding dluar city. What was done by Denis and Rasty? How Early fate?

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